Welcome to "Where are we going?" Australia

Welcome to
“Where are we going?” Australia

A Fearless Pictures & Tu Y Yo Producciones Collaboration


Our country is in a time of social transformation.

In 2017, people aged 65 years and over made up 15% of Australia’s population. This is projected to increase to 21–23% by 2066. Over the same period, people aged 15 years and under is projected to decrease from 19% in 2017 to between 16–18% by 2066. In 2017 there were 493,000 people aged 85 years and over, making up 2.0% of the population. This group is projected to grow rapidly, to between 3.6–4.4% by 2066.

These days we live longer and better lives, but this has other social consequences…

Our film is based on the successful Spanish documentary “Where are we going?”, by Tu Y Yo Producciones SL, which was born out of a curiosity to understand what it means to be old today in Spain.

Nobody prepares us for old age – we just find ourselves there, not knowing what to expect. How can the counsellors running seniors’ programs advise us when they have no experience of old age?

We are exploring what it is like to be old in Australia today. We believe that by combining the future expectations of young people aged 18–20 with the real-life experiences of people aged 50 and over, this will reveal the gap between what is imagined and the reality.

We want to listen to both old and young people and engage in relaxed conversation, sharing their experiences and wisdom with us.

We intend to make this film compelling for television, film festivals and social educational programs.


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2 replies on “Welcome to "Where are we going?" Australia”

Well done! You are a master at explaining yourself and your process. I admire you for many reasons. This being the first. The second, being talented and skilled plus just knowing when an opportunity is about to arise that will give you such intriguing images. As always I am your friend and a true believer in your vision. C